Rapidly adaptable, easily scalable, versatile in use.

At CPTx, we engineer composite programmable therapeutic agents to create novel and better medical treatments.

These agents are based on a structural framework created by programmable DNA nanofabrication, functionalized for a variety of therapeutic application.

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Programmable DNA Nanofabrication

Computationally designed DNA single-strands self-assemble into user-programmed nanoscale structures. Products form with high-yields in scalable one-pot mixtures. Structures are fully chemically addressable, and stable in various environments including the body.

A new breakthrough

Programmable Medicines

Precise nanometer control over: shape, size, number of copies,  spacing, payload type, bio- and tissue localization, modality type, and more...

image of a cptx virus trap

Connector Technology

  • Genetic Payload (DNA, mRNA)
  • GeneticCell + Tissue Recognition, Effectors/Engagers Payload (DNA, mRNA)
  • Small Molecule Drugs, Peptides
  • Antibodies

Unlocking Potential

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    Resurrect & repurpose drugs
  • icon of a dna double helix
    Enhance efficacy of drugs
  • icon of a drug container
    Co-deliver drugs and genes
  • icon of a molecule
    Increase specificity
  • icon of a microscope
    Construct novel treatments