Medical Countermeasures Platform

CPTx advances new treatment paradigms for a spectrum of medical challenges, with an initial focus on infectious diseases.

Through programmable DNA nanofabrication technology, CPTx builds advanced therapeutic agents, offering unprecedented options for designing solutions for unmet medical needs.

Development Pipeline

Proprietary Pipeline
  • Discovery
  • Preclinical Validation
  • Lead Optimization
  • IND-Enabling
  • Phase I
  • Phase II/III
CPT-001 Influenza

Infectious Diseases

Broad Virus Converge Candidates

Infectious Diseases

CPT-001 Influenza

Infectious Diseases

Preclinical Validation Phase

Broad Virus Converge Candidates

Infectious Diseases

Discovery Phase

Partnership Pipeline
In Development
In Development
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The antiviral therapeutics program at CPTx fills a vital gap for effective treatments, catering to vulnerable populations and bolstering pandemic response capabilities.

A New breakthrough

The viral countermeasures platform - universal and adaptable virus cell entry inhibitor

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Viral Countermeasures Platform

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    Capture different types of viruses, regardless of form and size.

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    Compatibility with a wide range of virus-binding molecules such as antibodies, peptides, and polymers.

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    Robust trapping of viruses, offering resistance against viral mutations.

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    Broad-Spectrum Activity

    Disable many viruses using the same formulation.

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    Viral Load Reduction

    Suppresses the viral reproduction as a cell entry inhibitor.

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    Intravenous, subcutaneous or intranasal administration for prevention or treatment of acute infections.

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    Built from biological material, does not interfere with host metabolism.

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    Additional Functionalities

    The system can carry additional effector functionalities to further support pathogen removal.